Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Very illegal aliens

Alan Ox
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Last weekend marked the opening of one of the more unusual one-man shows to hit local stages in quite some time. There's an Alien in My Soup is a one-man mini-musical with original songs by pianist/songwriter Curt Londes and writer/actor Alan Ox, who is also the performer. Mr. Ox portrays seven military men coming forward with their accounts of what actually happened "behind closed doors'" when unearthly "visitors" came to call.

I got Alan to beam down and answer few questions this week.

Q: What motivated you to write a show about close encounters of the third kind?

A: I was inspired toward creating this show due to my keen interest in the stories I ran across on the web. Stories as told in first person by everyday, yet colorful people who were in extraordinary situations. Being that I was a star gazer since I was a kid, I could not shake my fascination with the topic-the more I read, the higher the sources, such as NASA astronauts and high ranking military whistle-blowers, the more I was pulled into these galactic questions.

Q: Where did you find our source material?

A: I had differing sources. Youtube videos, web sources and books mainly. I never was a member of any UFO organizations per se, so did not work with any of these folks. My goal has been to make this play interesting and fulfilling to theatergoers, not just UFO buffs. I think the show fulfills that mission musically and theatrically.

Q: So did putting together There's An Alien in My Soup have any impact on you own thoughts about extraterrestrials?

A: Of course after studying the topic, my beliefs have strengthened that there is a strata of intelligence being purposely kept from the people of the world. But it's also disturbing to me that the accompanying technologies are ALSO hidden. And in this day of climate issues and 'petro- dependence', I believe that to be criminal in nature.

The Skinny: There's An Alien in My Soup runs Thursday through Saturday, February 2 through 4, at the Marcelle Theater, 3310 Samuel Shepherd Drive, just three blocks east of Powell Hall in Grand Center. Shepherd With tunes like the lighthearted "Call On The British" to the pulsing "Radar Don't Lie," the stories move as quickly as the onstage costume changes. Inn the end, the audience is left to ponder the revelations that seem to lead to even more questions. And by the way, it's okay to leave conspiracy theories and preconceived notions at the door and just enjoy the show!

For ticket information, visit metrotix.com.

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