Saturday, April 27, 2013

TPTBT (The Place to Be Tonight): Saturday, April 27

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Who: Little Blue Cars
What: A program of musical theatre, jazz, and contemporary music
When: Tonight at 8 PM
Where: The Tavern of Fine Arts
Why: "The women of Little Blue Cars (Heather Fehl, soprano; Holley Sherwood, soprano; Rebecca Hatlelid, mezzo-soprano) make their debut at the Tavern ... From Cole Porter to Ingrid Michaelson, Little Blue Cars promises a night of laughter, deep thought, and more laughter. Accompanied by the wonderfully talented Justin Smolik." I've never heard of Little Blue Cars, but the description of the group and the eclectic mix of music they do sounds pretty fascinating.  If I weren't on stage myself (in Shakespeare Festival St. Louis's Wining Juliet) I'd probably be at the Tavern tonight to see them.  Besides, the elegant ambiance, tasty food, and fine wine list at the Tavern are worthwhile all by themselves.

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