Saturday, February 23, 2013

TPTBT (The Place to Be Tonight): Saturday, February 23

The Kingsbury Ensemble presents From Vienna to Prague tonight at 7:30 at the 560 Music Center, 560 Trinity Avenue in University City. The program features "music of Franz Schubert and his Czech colleague Jan Vaclav Voriseck, performed on a replica of Schubert's piano and period string instruments! Seth Carlin , piano, Lenora Anop, violin, Keth Boyer, tenor and Ken Kulosa, cello, offer a program of chamber and vocal music, including Schubert's great piano trio in Bb Major,opus 99, Vorisek violin sonata and songs of Schubert and Vorisek." The 560 Music Center isn't quite as intimate as the kinds venues for which this music was originally written, but it's darned close.  For more information: (314) 862-2675 or

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