Friday, June 28, 2013

TPTBT (The Place to Be Tonight): Friday, June 28

Photo: John Lamb
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Who: Insight Theatre Company
What: 1776
When: Tonight through July 7
Where: Heagney Theatre, 530 East Lockwood on the campus of Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves
Why: What could be more appropriate for this time of year than this 1969 Broadway hit about the signing of the Declaration of Independence?  The book by Peter Stone (one of the small number of writers to earn an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy during his career) sticks fairly close to historical events, portraying the shifting alliances and political deals that eventually led to the break with Great Britain.  Sherman Edwards's score supports that book and illuminates character brilliantly.  I haven't seen this production yet, of course, and this is a challenging show to produce, but they're starting with tremendously strong material.

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