Saturday, June 29, 2013

TPTBT (The Place to Be Tonight): Saturday, June 29

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Who: OnSite Theatre
What: There's a Gun in Your Goodbye Bag by Elizabeth Birkenmeier
When: Tonight at 5 and 8 PM
Where: Classic Coin Laundry, 7200 Balson Ave, University City
Why: OnSite has the unique mission of performing "site specific" theatre pieces in places that aren't theatres.  Previous shows have taken place in restaurants, a gym, and a bowling alley.  The author of this play, Elizabeth Birkenmeier, wrote a show I appeared in last month—Winning Juliet, with Shakespeare Festival St. Louis—and I was very taken with her skill and good ear for dialog.  Reviewing There's a Gun in Your Goodbye Bag for 88.1 KDHX, Steve Callahan says the show "is, ultimately, quite beautiful. And it is, altogether, one great hour-long poem."

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